Dr. Michelle Hodge, DC, CTT, earned her board certification in breast thermology from the International Academy of Clinical Thermology. As a board certified clinical breast thermologist since 2019, Dr. Hodge, DC, works with Dr. William Amalu, DC, and Dr. Valerie Quijano, DC; and together, their team provides interpretation services to certified thermography technicians in offices around the world.

Dr. Hodge, DC, has been working full time in private healthcare practice for more than 25 years in Redding, Calif. She incorporated thermal imaging into her practice more than 15 years ago. Dr. Hodge, DC, has been professionally recognized by the Shasta County Public Health Advisory Board for introducing a new method of breast cancer screening to Shasta County. She was also featured in the 2017 Chico News and Review Health & Fitness issue for introducing thermography services to Chico.

Dr. Hodge, DC, and Dr. Amalu, DC, have been friends and professional colleagues for more than 15 years.

Dr. Michelle Hodge, DC, CTT